Starting a business in the UK

Whether you are arriving in the UK for the first time, or looking to establish a business in the UK, our international accountants, tax and business advisers support hundreds of overseas companies with every aspect of initial advice leading to the assessment of trading operations. When setting up a business in the UK, our international accountants work with you to decide which trading entity and structure is best suited to your needs. We explain in detail the taxation and legal issues that affect you when you are establishing a business in the UK, clarifying any issues such as transfer pricing and the impact of double tax agreements.

We blend the international accountancy services we offer for businesses setting up in the UK with those of other professionals such as lawyers, bankers, property consultants, asset finance companies, venture capitalists and private equity houses to ensure you receive the right level of support.

Early tax planning is essential when setting up a business in the UK, and our expert international accountants have extensive experience advising businesses on international taxation and VAT.

Should the need arise and you decide to expand into other countries, we will assist you via our international contacts within Baker Tilly International to provide a similar service in whatever region of the world you may find yourself.

Our specialist international accountancy services when setting up a business in the UK include:

  • Audit and accounts
  • Selection of most efficient trading entity: Whether setting up or expanding a business, we recommend the most efficient trading and taxation structure for your business now, and in the future.
  • Domestic tax issues: We will advise on the most efficient means of meeting your domestic tax responsibilities.
  • International tax issues: We’ll guide you through the complexities of international tax regulations, with a focus on lmport Duties, Employment Tax, Remuneration, Transfer Pricing and VAT while mitigating your exposure, and reflecting on the impact of double tax treaties.
  • Strategy: For an increasing number of clients, we support strategic growth by assisting with such decisions as: where to base operations, how to access local funding (through enterprise zones, regional grants etc) and better understanding the UK market.

MHA MacIntyre Hudson are a member of UKTI’s UK Advisory Network. 

MHA MacIntyre Hudson is listed on the UK Advisory Network (UKAN) as a preferred adviser to provide high quality and trusted professional support for foreign investors setting up in the UK.

Over UKAN below please link through to
UKAN has been set up by UKTI to provide an accessible route to high quality and trusted professional support, for foreign investors setting up in the UK.

The Network consists of business services providers across a range of disciplines which provide advice on all aspects of establishing your business in the UK. Members complete a robust application process to join the Network.

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If you are starting a business in the UK, please contact one of our international accountants, email or send us an enquiry online.