Owner-managed businesses

At MHA Maclntyre Hudson we are justifiably proud of our reputation as expert financial advisers to the owner-managed business community. Whether you are a longstanding family business, a serial entrepreneur or one of the millions of SMEs that account for 99% of UK enterprise – as an entrepreneurial business ourselves we understand your unique needs, opportunities and threats, and can help you grow.

While our accounting and audit services are of the highest quality, we are at our best when advising on key strategic issues across the business cycle. Typically our advice would include:

Set up and structuring: Finding the balance between a tax efficient structure for the short term and a flexible approach to capitalise on future growth and opportunities. We also help you better understand the market, the competition and any cross-border implications.

MHA Maclntyre Hudson can support owner managed businesses across all areas including:

  • Compliance: accounting, corporate tax and audit expertise
  • Tax mitigation: VAT, employment, income and corporation tax
  • Strategy: business planning, understanding the market and stakeholders, securing finance
  • Wealth management: tax and pensions planning

Growth: Building the business, expanding premises, venturing overseas, sourcing development funding or raising capital are all critical projects for the owner managed business. At MHA Maclntyre Hudson we thrive on advising on such issues with, importantly, one eye on succession or a strategic exit.

MHA Maclntyre Hudson can advise you across all areas including:

  • Strategy: organic or acquisitive growth, the costs and benefits of both
  • Risk Management: Improving governance
  • Expansion: hiring a management team, or outsourcing HR and Finance
  • Business valuations
  • Transaction services: target identification, sourcing funding, due diligence, integration and disposals

Operational: We are a leading audit firm and believe a professional internal or external audit enhances your reputation among key stakeholders and provides an early warning of risk. Indeed risk and governance today are strategic priorities.

Additionally we are adept at improving efficiency alongside managing growth and are pleased to advise around areas such as tax planning/mitigation, outsourcing and fraud prevention.

MHA Maclntyre Hudson can direct you across all operational areas including:

  • Audit compliance, accounting and financial reporting
  • Preparation of management accounts
  • HR issues: culture, structure and change
  • Employment tax and developing efficient means of rewarding your staff
  • Outsourcing of services such as payroll and other finance functions
  • Strategic advice around the growth of the HR and marketing function
  • Supply chain cost and performance analysis
  • Internal audit and controls reviews
  • Fraud and forensic services to both detect and reduce the risk of fraud and regulatory breaches, particularly the UK Bribery Act

Exit: It is critical to plan as far in advance for an exit, be that succession planning, a trade sale or an IPO.  With over one hundred years experience we are ideally placed to advise on your exit strategy, whether you are moving on, or moving onto the next level.

MHA Maclntyre Hudson can advise you across all areas including:

  • Succession management in family businesses
  • Sell side advisory:  purchaser identification and grooming the business for an exit
  • IPO preparedness
  • Wealth extraction

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