Whether you are building a renewable energy plant, looking to invest, or looking for investment our team can advise you with the latest thinking.

With a huge target to reach by 2020 for 20% of the UK’s energy to be generated from renewable sources the race is on for business and investors a like to maximise government incentives and have the edge over their competitors.

With the right tax and accounting advice we can support and guide your business interests to maximise your return and attract investment in this rapidly changing market.

Here are just some of the areas we can help;

  • Tax advice to maximise return
  • Structuring large scale projects to attract investment
  • EIS fundraising 
  • Assistance with bank funding and relationships
  • Financial modelling
  • Funder due diligence
  • Capital allowance claims
  • Maximising Research and Development tax relief
  • An audit approach and tax compliance function that understands the nuisances of the sector

The areas we typically get involved in;

  • Fund raising and structuring
  • Structuring and auditing biomass and anaerobic digestion plants
  • Small scale wind turbine projects to portfolios and large scale farms
  • Advising landowners
  • Capital allowance and R & D claims on sites

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