Financial and tax advice in a Tech world

Our technology sector group was formed to identify continuous improvement strategies, to ensure we deliver our services, in the best way to address the challenges our clients face in this sector. We believe there is a group of businesses with similar issues, such as:

  • Relatively complex revenue recognition
  • Protection and recognition of Intellectual Property (‘IP’)
  • Maximising their human capital
  • Controlling their access to markets
  • Obtaining relevant and sufficient finance.

This means we cover a varied mix of businesses within our group. From software, IT services to pharmaceutical and hi tech manufacturing we have sector experts on hand to provide assistance.

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Many businesses have an increasing need to work on a global basis, but the technology sector in particular faces its own peculiar opportunities and threats operating across borders. It is harder to define where the delivery of electronic services and products takes place and there is increased interest from global authorities on in which territory value is earned.

We are finding more and more the need to work closely in cross border teams with our Baker Tilly International colleagues, to deliver global services and address the queries that arise from operating in different territories, either deliberately or inadvertently.

This exchange of global expertise allows us to draw upon the combined knowledge across the whole of Baker Tilly International. Below is a representative list of the software and technology companies that they advise:

  • Software database utilised by hospital systems and physician groups (private, US$250M)
  • Digital media solutions company (public, US$8M)
  • Healthcare software development (private, US$2M)
  • In-home health application software (private, US$5M)
  • Web-based software applications (private, US$12M)
  • Developer and publisher of electronic videogames (private, US$12M, international)
  • Maintenance software (private, US$5M)
  • Custom software developer (private, US$24M)
  • Integrated software applications within an enterprise (private, US$3M)
  • Maintenance applications (private, US$12M)
  • Integrated manufacturing process applications (private, US$1.3M)
  • Various custom applications (private, US$3.6M).

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