Our Counter Fraud team’s approach is to work with you to combine your knowledge about your business and our technical expertise and experience.

We offer services which are:

  • Comprehensive (a one stop shop for everything you need to handle your fraud problem)
  • Integrated (ensuring the maximum synergy and impact from everything that we do)
  • Professional (using only the highest quality staff with a real track record in this area)
  • Focussed on reducing the economic and financial impact of fraud
  • Designed to enhance the reputations and credibility of client organisations

Our Counter Fraud division allows organisations not only to respond to particular problems but also to take a pre-emptive, preventative approach to fraud. This is based on accurate information about the economic cost of fraud, making it very distinctive from the purely reactive, investigative services common to the market.

The pre-emptive side of our Counter Fraud division includes:

  • The development of antifraud cultures within businesses
  • The creation of strong deterrent cultures and preventative systems
  • The implementation of effective detection processes

The reactive service includes everything that might be needed concerning the conducting of fraud investigations, recovery of losses, and provision of advice concerning legal, disciplinary and / or regulatory sanctions.

View the Counter fraud FAQs here.

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