Rizikon: Cyber Risk Diagnostic Tool

There have been several front page cyber-breaches of large organisations in recent years. Alongside every high profile attack are hundreds of cases of cyber theft and fraud against small and medium sized organisations - a 2015 UK government survey suggested 74% of SMEs had suffered a breach, up 14% from 2014. The same survey also found that attacks cost SMEs between £75,000 and £311,000 on average.

There is a bewildering range of software and hardware products designed to protect your company’s systems from attack, but few SMEs have the resources to employ a full time cyber security expert to help you choose which ones to use.


MHA MacIntyre Hudson has partnered with Crossword Cybersecurity to offer a solution to this problem:
Rizikon is a cyber risk analysis tool to help bring peace of mind to your business. It collects information from your organisation and produces a report, either verifying that your systems are secure, or providing the information needed to improve your security. This can be used in decision support, to direct investment in defences against cyber criminals and fraudsters.
How does Rizikon work:
  • Rizikon gathers information by asking you questions about your organisation, your system architecture and your security policies.
  • It combines this with up-to-date data from the Information Security industry about vulnerabilities and threats.
  • It then calculates the probabilities associated with the various ways an attacker may try to cause a breach in your company.
  • Rizikon then provides you with an understandable report, showing an overall rating, probability of a successful attack and where your greatest risks lie.
  • This allows you to direct your investment to effectively manage the greatest threats posed to your business.

When signing-up please use the client code MHAMH020.

If your are interested in how Rizikon calculates your risk, you can read about the DAPA algorithm in the Fact Sheet

An example of the report can be downloaded here>>

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