Additional services

Our team can assist in a variety of other investigative work, examples of which are given below:

  • Screening and Vetting - Effective employee screening and vetting can be necessary in relation to certain roles within any company.  We are able to carry out due diligence and vetting at the recruitment stage, to alleviate future problems caused by inadvertently engaging fraudsters.
  • Surveillance operations - Our team members have high level surveillance experience and can conduct covert operations using conventional and technical surveillance, employing electronic audio, visual and tracking equipment when necessary.
  • Undercover investigations - We have the resources to deploy trained staff to meet the needs of a client in all areas of undercover work, including mystery shoppers in the retail sector.
  • Source handling - We have experience of source handling at the highest level, having Covert Human Intelligence Sources and been involved in training source handlers from the UK and abroad.
  • De-bugging - Some businesses may need to consider security in terms of covert listening and video devices deployed in meeting rooms and offices where sensitive business discussions take place.
  • Tracing - We provide a professional tracing service to locate absconder debtors or suppliers.
  • Forensic Voice Analysis - One of our team members is an expert in Phonetics and Applied Linguistics and is able to provide speaker identification and settle disputed language issues. Handwriting and document analysis - We have an in-house expert who can identify forged handwriting or, using specific technical equipment, determine whether important documents have been tampered with or altered in any way.
  • Road traffic accidents and incidents  - Our accident investigator and vehicle examiner offers a full forensic service relating to the investigation and scene analysis of any vehicle related incident.  In simple matters such as speeding for example, he has successfully assisted the defence by proving that camera equipment or the way in which it was calibrated was defective.

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