The team, a mix of forensic accountants, experienced specialist retired police detectives, and forensic scientists who specialise in investigating those key areas of corporate fraud and financial investigations, which includes internal audit, IT audit, Tax fraud, VAT fraud, and Insolvency.

Particular areas of expertise include:

  • Fraud investigations - we investigate; evidence what has happened and how it happened; advise on what remedial action you can take and provide expert assistance on how to reduce the chances of reoccurrence.
  • Project management - We have considerable experience of project managing fraud enquiries, combining the skills of in-house and external HR, legal and accounting teams.
  • Asset recovery - We have experience in assessing the net worth of individuals and organisations to assist in the legal process of freezing assets to maximise recovery of money lost to perpetrators of fraud.
  • Loss of profits claims - Our forensic accountants are experienced in producing loss of profit claims for businesses who have suffered from fire, flood and other business interruption problems.
  • Systems weaknesses and improvements - At all times, prevention is better than cure. With this in mind our forensic accountants, often in tandem with fraud investigators, can review and report on system weaknesses and areas for improvement. We are experienced in the preparation of necessary fraud; bribery and anti-money laundering policies.
  • Defence of employee loss of earnings claims - Many businesses today face the prospect of claims from employees due to accidents or other incidents in the work place. We have experience in combining the investigation of the employees’ claims along with reducing the loss of earnings or damages being claimed. We provide surveillance teams and equipment to assist in negating such claims.
  • Training – we provide training for staff on all aspects of fraud awareness and anti-money laundering. We also provide a comprehensive training package on many enforcement subjects, including court room skills and investigative interviewing.

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