Outsourcing your HR needs

HR issues will inevitably come up in your day to day business - be it issues with employees or understanding and implementing changes to complex employment legislation. But dealing with it inhouse is not always an option.

Whether you need advice and guidance at the start of a project, a review and update of your policies and procedures, employment law advice, general training or to outsource a specific HR project from start to finish, HR Solutions guarantees a senior level HR professional to work with you on an ad-hoc or continuous basis, either on-site or remotely....leaving you time to focus on your business.


We offer innovative and flexible services to support your business objectives, no matter what industry you operate in. You can decide whether you need our HR specialists to work with you on a one off project or an ongoing contract, safe in the knowledge that support is there when you need it.

The services we offer include:

  • HR audits - from auditing the HR team and strategy efficiency to audits of contracts, policies & procedures, pay and right to work
  • HR advice - employee relations issues as and when they arise.
  • Meeting facilitation - at all levels.
  • Documentation - creation of contracts, letters, policies and procedures etc.
  • Training - produce and implement training courses e.g. equal opportunities, management training etc.
  • Recruitment - at all levels.
  • Employment law - practical advice, guidance and updates on legislation changes to minimise the risk of potential costly claims.
  • Expatriate tax - advising employees and employers on the tax and social security consequences of cross-border employments and international assignments.
  • Specific projects - e.g. merger integration, appraisals, staff benefits policies, restructures.


Our packages are structured so you can choose from individual services; combine several options; or take advantage of our specialist knowledge and expertise on an ongoing basis.

Contact us

For further information on how HR Solutions could help your business, contact Jane Walker-Smith, HR Director, on 020 7429 4100 or email: hrsolutions@mhllp.co.uk