Employment tax

The tax responsibilities for employers are increasing and with it the need to engage specialist help. Our employment tax team has considerable experience of helping employers understand their responsibilities and to set up systems to enable them to comply with the red tape. Our employment tax services also extend to ideas of how you can reward your workers in a tax efficient way.

Employer compliance

We also have a lot of experience helping employers who are the subject of HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) review by helping them to deal with the demands of HMRC and negotiating settlements. Our employment tax specialists can assist you in managing the HMRC review on your behalf or by simply being available to address your queries. 

Focus on - PAYE and benefits healthcheck

Personal service companies/umbrella arrangements etc

The employment tax team has assisted a number of concerns who are looking to save employer costs by moving workers on to a self employed basis or engaging them via an umbrella arrangement. We are also experienced in the use of personal service companies. In this area, our employment tax specialists are also experienced of helping those who are the subject of a status review. We have dealt with some significant cases in which HM Revenue & Customs have targeted specific industry group.

Flexible benefit arrangements

When it comes to helping employers who are looking to introduce flexible benefit arrangements, our employment tax team has considerable experience and can advise on questions over the tax position and in regard to salary sacrifice arrangements.

Employment tax services – Reward consultancy

Focus on - Salary sacrifice & Optional Remuneration Arrangements

Company car taxation

Our knowledge of employee benefits in kind extend to having extensive experience on company cars and the setting up of car policies. The knowledge on company cars includes tax efficient arrangements over mileage allowances and the cash alternative to the company car.

Focus on - Company Car Consulting

Focus on - Employee Car Ownership Scheme

Focus on - Tax Challenges and Opportunities 

Focus on - VAT 

Share incentives

In addition to the above, our employment tax specialists can help to introduce share arrangements and other equity and reward issues for your workers.

Focus On - Enterprise Management Incentives

Focus On - Company share option plans

Focus On - Share Incentive Plans

Focus On - Save As You Earn

Focus on - Specialised share schemes

Focus On - Joint Share Ownership Plan

International employment issues

For international employers we can manage all aspects of expatriate tax as well as international payroll issues.

Construction industry scheme

The employment tax team are also experienced with the construction industry scheme and understand its requirements. They regularly assist contractors appealing against their loss of gross status. We can also help contractors who are coming to the UK by helping them to understand the scheme requirements.

Focus on - Gross-paid sub contractors – the risk of loss of gross status

Focus on - Tax - Construction in the UK

Employee Ownership 

A number of business owners are considering using the Government sponsored tax reliefs to encourage employee ownership.  This involves the use of Employee Ownership Trusts (“EOT”s) and the gift or sale at full value of (at least 50%) of the owner’s company to such an EOT.  This sale/gift will be entirely free of capital gains tax.

Focus on - Employee Ownership Trusts – A new route for selling your business

Apprenticeship Levy

The apprenticeship levy requires all employers operating in the UK, with an annual pay bill of over £3million, to pay a 0.5% levy on their pay bill each month. It comes into effect from 6 April 2017 and will apply to both public and private UK employers across all sectors.

Focus on - Apprenticeship Levy

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