Expatriate tax

In today’s global business environment, employers find themselves managing an increasingly international workforce. Cross-border employments create compliance challenges for both the employer and the employee with tax, social security and payroll implications to address in the home and host locations. Our Expatriate Tax Services team will help you navigate the complexity and focus on the underlying goal of international expansion.

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Our international accountants provide expat services and advice for each individual relating to their personal circumstances, covering everything from income tax, national insurance contributions (NICs) and social security, to tax on capital gains and future inheritance tax liabilities.

These international accountancy services for expats also include specific expertise in supporting non UK resident entertainers and sports persons performing in the UK and British equivalents working abroad. We can liaise with The Foreign Entertainers Unit (FEU) to help you register for and investigate possible reductions to the level of withholding tax.

Common cross-border employment scenarios

Our Expatriate Tax Services team regularly assists businesses and individuals in the following scenarios:

- International assignments or secondments

- UK employees relocating overseas

- Foreign nationals coming to work in the UK

- Business visitors

- Cross-border commuters who live and work in more than one country

- Non-resident directors

- Foreign-based employees and remote workers paid via the UK payroll

For further information please refer to our detailed factsheet below.

International employments and business visitors


If you are moving to the UK or moving out of the UK. You may find our UK Statutory Residence Test Flowchart useful for tax purposes:

Our client services philosophy

Each client is unique and has different expectations. We tailor our service to meet specific requirements. As trusted advisors we understand that it is not just about answering a clients question, it’s about establishing the aims of that client, helping them ask the right questions and working with them to come up with a practical solution.


If you require expat services, please contact Phil Partington or send us an enquiry online.


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