Selling your business

A business primed for sale can be worth considerably more than one where the owners have neglected to plan ahead, but this can take several years to put in place so advance planning is essential.

Our Corporate Finance team can give you valuable recommendations on how to improve the company's value by focusing on the key issues affecting your success, such as management, finance, legal and taxation. Valuation is an art, not a science, and requires expert advice. By considering the asset base of your business, as well as its ability to generate cash and profits, we ensure our price valuation is spot-on.

We can also tell you what to consider when looking at different options such as management buy-outs, succession or trade sales.

Who takes over your business and how the succession is structured will also impact the manner in which information should be presented. The buyer will carry out extensive due diligence to gain assurances about leases, asset ownership, health and safety compliance and trading names, so corporate and legal documents need to be valid and up to date. New owners will require up-to-date management accounts. Details on gross profit, net profit, margins and other essential figures will form a key part of their business plan - and the more information they have, the easier it will be for them to secure finance and for you to complete the sale.

We market your business to interested parties, helping you identify potential buyers. We contact them on your behalf, prepare your sales memorandum, negotiate the sale price and help you close the deal successfully.

Our Tax team can also assist with efficient structuring in advance to potentially reduce the tax burdens on both the seller and the purchaser. Where a succession is intended, the inheritance tax position may also be important. They can also help you in settling any outstanding tax and VAT issues with HM Revenue & Customs which can become quite complex.

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To discuss selling your business, please contact a member of our Corporate Finance team, our Tax team  or alternatively send us an enquiry online.