Wealth management

If you want to ensure that your capital provides for your future, our tax team can work with Carrwood MacIntyre's wealth management consultants to look at your financial situation and develop a complete approach to the management and growth of your wealth.

With MacIntyre Hudson providing detailed knowledge of your financial affairs, and Carrwood MacIntyre putting their advisory skills to work for you, you can expect joined-up thinking designed to give you a well-balanced solution.

A good idea could be to extract money from your business, ahead of retirement, so that it is protected from the ups and downs of the performance of your business. However, this should form part of a comprehensive financial plan, rather than be viewed as an isolated transaction, and Carrwood MacIntyre's Independent Financial Advisers have a range of options they can advice on:

  • Financial planning
  • Maximising your inheritance for future generations
  • Retirement planning
  • Savings plans
  • Preserving and enhancing your wealth
  • Minimising your tax burden
  • Risk profiling/attitude to risk

If you want to ensure that your capital provides for your future, we can ensure it provides you with long term funds as tax efficiently as possible. We'll also make sure your inheritance tax is planned and help minimise your capital gains tax.

Contact us

To discuss your wealth management needs, please contact a member of our Tax team, a Carrwood Maclntyre representative in your local MacIntyre Hudson office or send us an enquiry online.