Mergers and acquisitions

Growing your business organically is not the only option. A merger or acquisition frequently increases the size and profitability of your business overnight. It could enable you to take advantage of new economies of scale, or diversify into new areas. You might be able to acquire a bigger and better customer base, or strengthen your management team.

But growing the business this way can also bring problems and drain financial and management resources from your original business. You need to work out whether the merger or acquisition will add value to your business, after making realistic allowances for all the hidden costs. To be successful, it will need to bring a number of benefits to your business.

Starting with a review of your corporate strategy we can help to identify and value target companies for both mergers and acquisitions. We will also conduct detailed due diligence on the target company to establishes the soundness, or otherwise, of the business you're acquiring before you progress any further.

As an acquisition moves forward, our Corporate Finance team can negotiate the price, structure the deal, source the required finance and advise on the taxation issues. To ensure the best outcome for your business, we'll represent you during negotiations with the financiers, the vendors and their advisers.

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