Business Brexit Forum: Tax issues around Brexit and an EU perspective

28 July 2017

The impact of Brexit will be far reaching. Our panel of experts explored the tax issues around Brexit and provided an EU perspective in a recently held forum.

Below are some of the key topics that our tax experts have addressed during a joint seminar with Baker Tilly International, one of the world's leading network of accountancy and business advisory firms:

  • one year on from the referendum and 21 months from leaving the EU - a recap on the background to Brexit, politically and tax wise
  • the key tax risks - “worst case scenario” of no deal, such as WTO tariffs, loss of EU directives, impact on expats from a tax and global mobility perspective
  • key risks and opportunities for Ireland
  • the Netherlands' reaction to the Brexit vote and what it means for inbound investment into the Netherlands
  • Germany's perspective on Brexit and discussion on any significant changes since the referendum.

Please find below the recording of the seminar



Patrick King - Tax Partner - MHA MacIntyre Hudson, UK

Chris Danes -Tax Director - Baker Tilly International UK

Donal Leahy - Tax Partner - Baker Tilly Hughes Blake, Ireland

Ines Paucksch - Tax Partner - Baker Tilly Roelfs, Germany

Marijn Verhagen - Tax Partner - Baker Tilly Berk, Netherlands


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