Research and analysis into trust and confidence in the Charity Commission

29 August 2017

The Charity Commission commissioned Populus to conduct independent research into trust and confidence in the Charity Commission, the results of which have recently been published.

Conducted among three audiences – the general public, charities, and stakeholders – the primary research objectives were to:

  • Establish current attitudes towards the Charity Commission and charity regulation;
  • Explore the effectiveness of the Charity Commission’s relationship with charities and other key stakeholders;
  • Explore the impact of charity regulation.

The main findings, a selection of which have been summarised in this infographic, include:

  • The public are more aware of and engaged with charities and with charity regulation than two years ago
  • There has been a substantial rise in those who say they have received support from or have close connections to a charity
  • When compared directly to other industries, the charity sector is well trusted, broadly comparable with public trust in schooling and childcare
  • A decline in public trust, and its potential impact on donations, is perceived to be one of the major challenges facing the sector, along with uncertainty relating to Brexit, the policies of the recently elected Government will affect charity funding, the challenges of adapting to new technology
  • There is an increasing appetite amongst the public for the Commission to do more in terms of regulating the sector.

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