Scaling up

You have customers and market demand, and you have excitement - but then you remember that 90% of start-ups fail. How do you ensure your business scales to become a thriving one with a long-term future? In the world of business, the rate of growth differs wildly, and one size does not fit all. That’s why expert advice is so essential.

Growing pains for growing businesses

Make sure you’re ready to scale up

The Startup Genome Project found that 70% of start-ups fail because of premature scaling, so don’t spend money on things like sales and marketing until you have nailed the product/market fit.  

Process cannot be a dirty word

In those exciting days of youth and scrappiness, you can forgo things like “the way we do things”. Now, though, you need to get your financial house in order. Sort out your systems and your ways of working. Professionalise your accounting and cash flow. 

Consider the capital question

To truly grow and scale to the next stage, you’re likely going to need an injection of capital. Where is the best place for this to come? Expert business advice at this stage can help you to make the growth move seamlessly, safely and with eyes wide open.

Keep your focus and scale your business

Take another look at the business plan

You need to become operationally and financially efficient. Examine your team, your operations, your sales volume. You may want to revise the company’s business plan now to reflect how far you’ve come, and what the next stage will mean for you.

Surround yourself with smart talent

The smart way to focus is to hire people with complementary skillsets; these are the people with which you can innovate and expand. And you’ll need it, because at this stage the competition is starting to notice you. Make sure you’re attracting top talent with a strong benefits package, or competition will steal the talent, too.

But really, is it the right time to scale?

Growth and expansion into new territories is risky, and it may pay to spend a few more years stabilising before pushing forward. Working with an expert partner can help you to mitigate the risk.

MHA MacIntyre Hudson can help growing businesses through:

Updating and streamlining your business plan

Introducing you to financiers and investors

Tax registration, planning and paperwork

Expansion into new markets

Company structuring 

HR and payroll

Cloud accounting

Employee benefits packages

Get in touch  to discuss how we can help your business to grow efficiently and compliantly.