The Application Form

Plan your answers

When applying online, write your answers in a separate document first. You can then check your answers, including your spelling and grammar, before you copy and paste them into the form.

Give us detail

Think about what the question is trying to ask you - we’re looking for evidence to back up your answers, not just a statement. This is your chance to showcase what you can offer.

Balance offering evidence with being concise

Try to keep your answers to the point, rather than waffling.

Be honest about your achievements

Your interview is likely to be based around the answers you’ve given on your application; don’t trip yourself up by not being able to talk about this confidently.

Give examples

You are not expected to have lots of experience in everything, particularly if you are just leaving school or university. However, you need to be able show examples, even small ones, of where you’ve taken on responsibility or dealt with a challenging situation.

Check your form

Ask someone to proofread it carefully; you will have read over your answers many times and are more likely to miss simple mistakes. Most jobs require writing and communication skills; an application form with grammar and spelling errors won’t impress, however good the content may be.

Answer all questions

Make sure that you answer all questions on the application form. They are all relevant and have been included to ensure we can assess all candidates fairly.

Give yourself time 

We read every application form from start to finish, so every bit of information could make a difference. Try not to rush through the application, and make sure you review it with a fresh pair of eyes before submitting it.