Trainee Hints & Tips

It’s crucial to make sure you choose the right firm to train with. If you choose MHA MacIntyre Hudson, you’ll receive some of the best training available, work with a huge variety of clients, and develop in a friendly culture that encourages new ideas.

You might find applying for a training contract to be a daunting prospect. Whatever the outcome of your application, we want to make this a good experience for you. If you can demonstrate your values are similar to our own and provide us with evidence of this throughout your application, the chances are you’ll do well.

If you’re applying to multiple firms, take the time to really consider why each firm could be right for you. Not only will this help you make better decisions, it will help demonstrate your ability to research and rationalise what you do.

The below pages are aimed at helping you navigate the application process. Remember, we are rooting for you to succeed.

The application form

The assessment centre

The interview