In-house Training

PATHWAYS : Learning and development at MHA MacIntyre Hudson

We believe that quality training is important as it enables our staff to fulfil their roles and helps with their career progression. Our in-house training programmes are designed with this in mind; all our courses focus on generating practical learning outcomes that help our staff increase their effectiveness and engagement. 

Our Pathways  training programme offers a wide range of technical and practical skills courses. You can be assured that, regardless of your previous experience and position, you will have learning and development resources to support you on your journey.

Courses for professional trainees (accountancy, audit, tax) 

Your professional exams and on-the-job training will provide much of your career development during your three-year training contract. These are supplemented by regular training courses under our Pathways  programme, conducted at six-monthly intervals. Courses include:

  • Intro to audit
  • Intermediate 1
  • Intermediate 2
  • Semi-seniors
  • Advanced semi-seniors 
  • Seniors

Each course will give a you a wider opportunity to compare and share your experiences with fellow trainees, as well as consolidate the skills you have learned so far. It’s all part of preparing you for your next steps.    

Each course is divided into a business skills and technical skills session, ensuring that your development is well-balanced between the specifics required to do your job and the more practical skills that will drive your progression.

Courses for supervisors and managers 

As you progress further, so does the Pathways  programme. The professional and operational streams join for our supervisory and management training programmes, The Modern Manager and LEAD . 

The Modern Manager is a new four-part course aimed at senior supervisors and new managers, though anyone who manages people will find its exercises and discussions beneficial.  The programme is themed around exploring the differences between simply supervising people and actually managing them; from this comes the fundamental skills required to be a manager in the 21st century.  

LEAD takes these principles to the next level by exploring the difference between managing and leading teams, and how we can develop the skill-sets needed to get the most from our staff.

Director and partner courses 

Learning and development continues even at our highest levels through the Accelerate leadership programme, run in partnership with the ICAEW. This five-module programme aims to further hone the strategic leadership skills of our firm’s business heads using a combination of group course work and personalised coaching sessions.

Technical and practical skills courses

Aimed at employees of all streams who are seeking to improve or develop a specific skill set, these courses cover a wide range of topics - from auditing pensions to presentation skills - and are run regularly throughout the year. New topics are continuously added.

Online resources

It’s not all in-person sessions; we also have a growing range of online resources designed to help you on the go, whenever and wherever you see fit.

Our iLearn webinar resource uses brief, engaging  videos to give helpful, bite-sized overviews of complex topics. From time management to building resilience, the library has more than 100 different topics to choose from, and it’s growing.