Corporate Social Responsibility

MHA MacIntyre Hudson’s positioning statement 'Local Excellence. National Experience. Global Expertise' is reflected in the structure of our corporate social responsibility policy which looks to ensure we are having a positive impact on the world around us, from supporting local communities with projects to protecting the environment globally through our resourcing. 

In short, the goals of our CSR policy fall into the following categories;

Employees. Go beyond regulatory requirements to promote an ethnically diverse working environment and provide meaningful career and skills development opportunities for our employees. Encouraging personal and professional development, recognising and rewarding the hard work and commitment of the team at MHA MacIntyre Hudson. Maintain the highest professional standards as both an ICAEW accredited training firm and provider of professional training to other firms of accountants.

Clients. Aim for a continuous development of our service offering to give clients access to a first class, friendly service and a wide range of specialist expertise as and when they need it. Acting across a range of sectors and developing specialist knowledge to work with not for profit organisations and charities.

Local Communities. Identify ways in which we can have a positive influence on local communities and support good causes that are of particular importance to our staff and clients. 

National charity. Work together to support a national charity each year, holding fundraising events and increasing awareness.

Global environment. Reduce the environmental impact when conducting our business. 

1. Employees

Our employees are our most important asset. Having a good reputation and motivated employees not only makes it easier to attract and retain our staff but also allows for effective relationships to develop with clients.

We aim to provide a supportive and inclusive work environment, in which each individual has the opportunity to fulfil their potential and develop their chosen career path, be they a trainee or a senior partner.

Where possible, we endeavour to recruit staff locally, to improve the job prospects of our closest communities and to reduce the environmental impact of commuting to and from work. Our HR policies, covering everything from health and safety, diversity, equal opportunities, flexible working to harassment and bullying are the basis for helping us to work with employees to ensure a good work life balance and working environment. We offer flexible benefits to suit the needs of each person.

We are proud to be an ICAEW accredited training firm. Each year, we recruit a mixture of graduates and school leavers as trainees to undertake professional training. The academic and financial support and mentoring programme we offer provide them with the opportunity to develop both their expertise and career prospects. 

We provide on-going training to all of our qualified staff, whatever their area of expertise. In addition to this, we have rolled out a programme of soft skills and manager training courses to ensure that all of our newly qualified staff develop the skills and confidence needed to be future team leaders.

The firm newsletter is issued bimonthly to all staff which shares news and events around the firm, offering an opportunity for The Board to feedback to staff and to celebrate the achievements of individuals within the firm. 

In 2012 we set up the Employee Forum. Each office has representatives who can raise issues and put forward suggestions for new projects. The forum discusses these and looks to find solutions which are passed directly to the partners to consider. This has resulted in a number of new initiatives around the firm.

We have been accredited for Investors In People and are continuing to use this framework to develop our focus on supporting staff.

2. Clients

We treat our clients as we like to be treated ourselves, with respect, and always take a personal interest in their success.

Our core values underpin how we interact with every client. To better serve our clients we have developed expertise across a variety of industry sectors to keep on top of changes in trends, regulations and market conditions. And we have developed our service offering far beyond the traditional accountancy firm, to be able to offer clients access to specific support and expertise when they need it.

One example of this is a process that we have developed to help businesses cut out waste, resulting in cost savings and a boost to profits. On average companies loose the equivalent of 15 - 20% of their operating costs through waste and inefficiencies. Money that, if it could be saved, would be far better spent on growing the business. Reducing resource use, waste and emissions and avoiding wasting energy also has a positive impact on the environment. Our process works through a series of steps which identifies where waste and inefficiencies occur in the business, prioritises which areas to tackle first and sets up the actions needed to cut these out. The end result is a more streamlined business, with the savings made going straight to the bottom line. 

3. Communities

We have a dedicated Not for Profit team which has been working with charities and educational institutions for a long time. We are proud to be one of the UK’s top 20 accountancy firms working with charitable organisations and many of our Partners serve on the boards of various charitable organisations and bodies on a voluntary basis. Where staff are involved in local organisations, such as being a councillor or school governor, they are given a flexible work approach to ensure they can meet the needs of the role.

Each office holds events to raise money for local charities, from cake sales and dress down days to bigger, sponsored activities. Staff and Partners in the firm also raise funds every year to support the valuable work of these organisations.

Every year we offer a number of work placements to students from local schools who are considering a career in accountancy. This gives the students a chance to experience life within an accountancy practice and receive skills training. Career talks at local universities also give students a good perspective of what is involved in an accounting career.

In addition to this, we take part in various programmes with local schools working with sixth form students on business projects (such as the Welwyn and Hatfield Dragon’s Apprentice).

We are a firm that is actively promoting diversity and entrepreneurship. An example of this is our choice to sponsor the Jewel Awards for several years, to recognise the contribution from British Asian entrepreneurs, businessmen and women to the UK economy and society.

4. National charity

A number of staff form a firm wide charity committee. As well as local fundraising we also identify a national charity for the firm to support. We work directly with the charity to identify how we may be able to assist them further and are planning to hold some firm wide fundraising events. 

5. Environment

We endeavour to comply with all environmental legislation, regulations, approved codes of practise and other external requirements applicable to our business. Therefore, all decisions regarding working practices and purchasing take environmental considerations into account. To support this we have adopted a set of standards, concentrating on processes that cut down waste, re-use sources and recycle wherever possible. Across the firm we recycle much of our office waste including paper, cardboard, plastics and printer cartridges and have a ‘switch-off’ policy to reduce our energy consumption. 

The actions we will take to make this policy work include:

  • Paper. Reduce the usage, solely use either recycled or FSC certified paper and recycle any waste.
  • Waste disposal and recycling. Utilise environmentally sound waste disposal methods, minimise the use of plastic packaging materials and recycle as much as possible.
  • Consumables. Monitoring our usage of consumable materials to minimise waste and purchase recycled of long-life products where appropriate.
  • Energy efficiency. We will use energy saving devices and practices wherever possible.
  • Travel. The use of electronic mail, telephone and video conferencing, public transport or shared transport are promoted to reduce unnecessary travel.
  • Communication and training. Providing training and communications to raise awareness and understanding of environmental issues on the business and encourage employee engagement. 
  • Implementation, monitoring and review. Regularly reviewing this policy to ensure that it is continually developed. 

We have made a conscious decision to choose environmentally aware suppliers where ever possible. We have also chosen a firm-wide supplier for our office supplies which has a comprehensive CSR policy, a neutral carbon emissions policy and an environment policy which covers everything from products made from recycled material to Fair Trade products. They also actively encourage their customers to switch to sustainable and energy saving products in order to reduce waste and pollution and help them in disposing of printer cartridges in an efficient environmental manner.

On a local basis, the offices are encouraged to use the services of local businesses when possible, to support the local business community and to reduce the environmental impact of transporting goods and services. We also favour Fair Trade products where there is an option to do so, to contribute to sustainable development and help disadvantaged farmers and workers in developing countries get a better deal.

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