08 February 2018

by MHA MacIntyre Hudson

Clients often ask “so what is the tax?" “So how are we doing compared to other farms like ours?”

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07 February 2018

by Joe Spencer

On 7th February DEFRA published details of the Countryside Productivity Scheme, which will give...

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07 February 2018

by MHA MacIntyre Hudson

The upcoming influx of artificial intelligence in the professional services sector is set to...

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02 February 2018

by Atul Kariya

There is urgent need to address the growing skills crisis threatening the sector following the UK...

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31 January 2018

by Alison Conley

Post Brexit, UK retailers who are reliant on imports will be forced into a retail landscape with...

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30 January 2018

by Laurence Whitehead

There is much to look forward to in 2018 for M&A activity in the UK despite Brexit and wider...

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29 January 2018

by Rajeev Shaunak

Looking forward, 2018 promises to introduce more change for the travel industry than the last 10...

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26 January 2018

by Alison Horner

Private providers of vocational training for over-19s will be compelled to charge VAT

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