Not For Profit e-news - November edition

Not for Profit

As well as our usual topics concerning finance matters we highlight work we have been doing over recent months to aid the development of finance skills of charity trustees.

Strong financial governance is a major contributor to successful and effective charities, so we have been working with the Charity Finance Group to deliver finance training for trustees. To ensure this training was appropriately directed we undertook a survey into trustee finance skills and competencies and have published the results this month during Trustees Week 2017.

Although the survey highlights some good practice, and we don’t want to be overly critical of the good intentions of most trustees and charities, it is difficult to escape the very clear conclusion that many people just need to do better.

During Trustee Week 2017 the Charity Commission published research which also highlighted concerns over skills, and noted there is a gap between the wide range of support available to trustees to develop their competency, and what is actually taken up. This is certainly the case in the area of financial governance. More than ever this fundamentally restricts the effectiveness of the sector. We believe strongly most trustees want to do a good job, but it is clear too many don’t achieve that goal.

We have therefore been pleased to work with the Charity Finance Group to put together a free guide on Essential Charity Finance for Trustees, which has also been published this month. More
details are provided within eNews.

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Not for Profit

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