Technology Advisory Services

MHA MacIntyre Hudson understands the challenges that non-technical Board members face in maintaining an effective IT solution for their businesses. In our experience, common problems can include:

  • Disparate systems impeding efficiency
  • Re-occurring technical issues
  • Lack of strategic direction
  • Poor documentation and key person dependency
  • Security concerns

MHA MacIntyre Hudson offers a flexible, accountable and expert service that allows you to concentrate on your core business.

For most businesses in the mid-market, the responsibility for IT normally lies with a non-technical board member, typically the Finance Director. This role is often met with reluctance and entails the remit of managing technical personnel and resources to ensure that the IT systems are resilient, reliable, scalable and secure, whilst also keeping a watchful eye on cost. If this sounds like you, you are not alone. The good news, however, is that there is help at hand.

MHA MacIntyre Hudson’s Technology Advisory Services (TAS) provides a range of services to support business in the mid-market. In these businesses it is not uncommon to find the Finance Director (or other senior board member) responsible for IT. We call them “The Quasi IT Director” ® and typically they become reliant on junior IT staff or third-party IT support companies for strategic advice, which may not always be in the best interest of the company.

We are completely independent (Vendor Agnostic) and can provide advice that is based around your business and specific requirements. We do not sell hardware or software since we do not see “more computing power”, or “newer equipment and software” as the answer to every question. We take a broader look and consider the business requirements when recommending or implementing solutions.

IT reviews

As a business grows, IT systems can become unwieldy and difficult to manage. We frequently see applications that were added when the business strategy was different (or absent), after acquisitions or where divisions have grown independently. By conducting such a review, we can provide a holistic view of your IT, highlighting the areas that require attention and making practical recommendations for action. Typically, we would start by addressing the three key areas; People, Process and Technology and, where required, additional focus will be given to particular areas of concern.

Outsourced IT Director Services

Generally, in the mid-market, companies do not have IT Directors to provide the strategic input on IT matters as the business grows and technology develops. Those responsible for IT may be turning to mid-level IT staff or a supplier for input. But how do you know the advice is sound and that it has your company’s best interests in mind? Our outsourced “IT Director Service” provides an independent source of expert advice and assistance and gives top level strategic input on the technologies, processes and resources needed to meet the business needs over the next three to five years.

IT application procurement support

Having the right applications in place to run your business is vital. If you get it wrong the mistakes can be costly. When you require a new solution it is easy to find a list of vendors who will all tell you that they offer the best solution, but are you asking the right questions? We can help you capture the business requirements, run the procurement process, evaluate a short list of suppliers and review proposed agreements to ensure your interests are not subsumed in the interests of the supplier.

Project Management and Recovery

When embarking on a major IT project such as the implementation of a new finance or ERP system, it is imperative that it is professionally managed. Our project management professionals have many years of experience in delivering projects large and small across various sectors, ensuring that the correct levels of governance and cost controls are in place. If things have gone wrong then we can help put them back on track and explain where improvements can be made.

IT Due Diligence

When looking to acquire a new business, not only do you need to understand its financial position, you need to have the assurance that the IT can support the business and that it is resilient, reliable, scalable and secure. We have provided IT due diligence across a wide range of business sectors, sometimes identifying issues that can reduce the sale price considerably. Equally, if you are looking to sell your business, we can carry out vendor due diligence on your IT, helping to speed up the sale process.

IT Strategy

When you are updating your business strategy, you should review the impact this will have on IT. Furthermore, it should consider how IT can support the business in achieving its objectives. Most businesses in the mid-market do not have an IT Director to provide the strategic input. They are therefore reliant upon mid-level IT staff who may not have the broader knowledge and/ or experience required. Third party IT suppliers will naturally have a commercial agenda and cannot be relied upon to provide an unbiased opinion. It is not our intension to sell technology solutions therefore, we can provide completely independent vendor agnostic advice.

GDPR Advisory Services

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has impacted most businesses, regardless of size or sector. For some, the task has been long and arduous, but the fines for getting it wrong could be substantial. Your business may already be compliant but without professional support you could be exposing your business and your client data. We have helped many businesses across several sectors to prepare for GDPR compliance. We work with you to understand your concerns and help identify any areas that require additional support. Our proven process is tailored to your specific requirements, so you don’t end up paying for a boilerplate solution that doesn’t quite fit your business.

IT Manager Coaching

In the mid-market it is not uncommon for IT staff to have joined the business in another capacity and gradually transition in to an IT role. This works well for many businesses however; their knowledge is usually limited to what they have learnt in the role and may not be aware of alternative solutions or best practice. If you would like to develop your IT Manager, so that they have a better understanding of how to lead an IT support function, we can provide coaching to ensure they have the necessary skills. In businesses where the IT Manager is underperforming, we can assist by providing support and guidance to improve performance. Where this is not possible, we can assist by running a performance improvement programme.

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If you would like to discuss how we can help manage your IT, please contact Gavin Davis. Alternatively, send us an online enquiry.


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