Are you confused about the changes to P11D reporting from April 2016?

13 August 2015

There is a fair amount of misunderstanding about the relaxation of P11D reporting which occurs post April 2016. This is badged an improvement for administration of the employer but it misses the additional risk to them. From April 2016 employer’s will not be required to obtain a dispensation and will only need to report benefits and expenses on P11d forms if they are clearly taxable in the hands of the employee. What this means is, the decision will sit with the employee whether the particular item should be reported.

It is the case that many employers have woken up to the risk, and to manage this, prior to April 2016 are obtaining a dispensation, which if granted will be used as evidence going forward for items which do not need to be reported.

I recommend that employers give careful consideration to what to do with their systems and procedures post April 2016.

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