Customs Declaration Service – how to subscribe

29 July 2022

Customs Declaration Service is coming! Is your business ready?

Many businesses have received correspondence from HMRC regarding the upcoming implementation of the UK’s new Customs Declaration Service (CDS).  If the correct action is not taken in time, your company may experience delays in receiving goods due to your customs agent not being able to submit your declarations.  

The first phase of CDS involves imports and is expected to be fully functional by the 30th September 2022.  It is very important that you register for CDS as soon as possible, to minimise the risk of customs clearance delays.  If you are currently downloading Postponed Import VAT statements from the UK’s .Gov website, you will already be registered for CDS so you will only need to act if you hold a UK Duty Deferment Account (See points 2 and 3 below).

Access the Customs Declaration Service

To register you will need your Government Gateway access and use the following link:

  • Duty Deferment Direct Debit – As CDS is a new system, if your company has a Duty Deferment Account, HMRC requires a separate Direct Debit to be set up specifically for CDS.  To do this you will need to log into your company’s Customs Financials Portal via the following link: You will need the following information:
    • account holder’s name (as it appears on your bank statement)
    • sort code and account number
    • bank or building society name and address
  • Set up Deferment access for your Customs Agents – To enable your customs agents to use your duty deferment account within CDS, you will need to set each agent up within the Customs Financials Portal.  This will, within 24 hours, allow your agents to use your Duty Deferment Account within CDS.

As CDS is in transition, you may also experience a period where your goods are declared using the old and new systems as your customs agents transfer to CDS at different times.  If you have any concerns over the above processes, please let us know and one of our team will contact you to discuss these with you.

C79 VAT Certificates:

As part of the implementation of CDS, the process for receiving C79 VAT certificates will change.  Once an agent starts using CDS to input your import declarations, a C79 will be created that must be downloaded from the CDS Portal.  HMRC will not be posting CDS-related C79’s to companies so you must make sure you are able to access these on a regular basis.  The link to the CDS Financials Portal is accessible here.

Further information on CDS can be found in HMRC’s Customs Declaration Service communication pack which is available to view here.

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