Cyber Security issues facing law firms: free cyber risk analysis tool

15 February 2017

Cyber attacks are a threat to all businesses and law firms are particularly at risk. The Law society, the SRA and the Met Police have all highlighted some of the underhand tactics fraudsters have used to try and breach systems and processes, specifically targeted at law firms and other professional services providers.

The most serious threats are to client confidentiality as well as to the financial stability and reputation of your firm.  Fraudsters are finding ever more inventive methods of infiltrating your systems, from installing malware attached to a seemingly innocent CV to using the stolen identities of Partners at real legal practices to obtain personal client data, financial information, trade secrets, or even insider information relating to patents or mergers and acquisitions.  For international firms, commercial espionage may even be a concern, where overseas state-sponsored efforts to obtain business and technology secrets may pose a risk.

SRA rules require that law firms: 'keep the affairs of clients confidential unless disclosure is required or permitted by law or the client consents' and that they 'run their business or carry out their role in the business effectively and in accordance with proper governance and sound financial and risk management principles'.  Also, despite the UK’s intention to leave the EU, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDRP) is likely to come into force from May 2018, which sets our far tougher sanctions for any data security breaches.

There is a bewildering range of software and hardware products that claim to protect your company’s systems from attack, and while few legal practices have the resource to employ a full time cyber security expert, it can be a minefield to navigate.  To offer a solution to this risk, MHA has partnered with Crossword Cybersecurity to offer Rizikon, a cyber risk analysis tool to our clients.

The cyber risk analysis tool collects information from your organisation and produces a report, either verifying that your systems are secure, or providing the information needed to improve your security. This can be used to direct investment in defences against cyber criminals and fraudsters.

We have negotiated a free, no obligation ‘Quick Check’ service for our clients that will provide a complimentary cybersecurity assessment; giving a snapshot of your in house cybersecurity requirements.  Please follow the links below for further information.

Quick Check - Free Cyber Security Check (opens in new window)

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An example of the report can be downloaded here

Further information can be found here