Good news for intra-EU importers in the event of a No-Deal Brexit on 29 March

07 February 2019

A new simplified import and export system has been announced by HMRC

Arrangements have been announced by HMG regarding the movement of goods to and from the EU. A simplified import and export system has been implemented by HMRC – in the event of a ‘noGood news for intra-EU importers in the event of a No-Deal Brexit on 29th March deal’ scenario – as a mechanism to ensure that goods move to and from the UK, with a lower administrative burden for businesses, in terms of the documentation required at the port of entry and exit. Additionally, it is intended to make it easier for businesses who import from the EU using roll on roll off (RO-RO) facilities.

This development will be of interest to any businesses involved in intra-EU trade. In particular, those businesses whose goods arrive and depart from one of the UK’s RO-RO locations for example, Dover or the Channel Tunnel.

Businesses need to consider whether they wish to make use of this provision. HMRC has advised that businesses will need to register to use Transitional Simplified Procedures (TSP), this can be done from 7th February 2019 via the following link:   

There are some criteria which businesses must meet in order to register for and use TSP, these are outlined below. There are also some restrictions on the use of TSP, which includes those businesses which choose to use a Customs Special Procedure. TSP will not be available for imports from outside the EU. These will continue with the same rules.

What the transitional simplified procedures are:

These transitional simplified procedures reduce the amount of information you need to give in an import declaration when the goods are crossing the border. They do this by allowing you to defer:

  • giving a full declaration
  • paying any duty

If tariffs apply to the goods that you import and you want to use transitional simplified procedures you will need to:

  • apply to defer any duties payable - we’ll let you know how to do this when the streamlined process for deferring duty is available
  • have a financial guarantee by 30 June 2019 for any duties deferred

To register to use transitional simplified procedures you must:

  • have an EORI number
  • be established in the UK
  • be importing goods from the EU into the UK - including goods travelling via the EU from the rest of the world providing they have cleared EU customs formalities

Contact us 

Please contact Lucy Sutcliffe or Alison Horner on 01604 624011 to discuss how we can help you to register for this procedure.