Key tax reporting dates for corporate businesses

10 July 2019

The coming year of great dates and grating tax deadlines

We have some great dates to get us through the next year, including the Cricket World Cup, the Ashes, the Rugby World Cup, Christmas, the Super Bowl and then the Six Nations.

In the world of Global Tax it can seem like there are only grating deadlines throughout the year, which are a challenge facing all large companies to keep up with and manage in a cost effective and time efficient way.

UK corporation tax dates

Just in the UK alone, our Corporate Tax clients with a year end of 30 June have to consider:

UK corporate tax dates

The above is not designed to be an all-encompassing list, just a high-level illustration of the Corporate Tax deadlines that can be grating. And this is before you even start thinking about tax deadlines in other countries, tax disputes, transfer pricing, the country by country report, or other taxes such as VAT, Employment Taxes and Duties.  

Helpful Corporate Tax tools

To help firms manage these deadlines, MHA MacIntyre Hudson and our global network, Baker Tilly International have created a number of tools:

  1. Tax Mapp, which includes tax guides for over 150 countries, topical global insights and a Permanent Establishment Tracker. This can be downloaded onto your smart phone by searching Tax Mapp in the Apple and Google Play app stores. More information is available here
  2. Our Country-by-Country notification monitor that can be found here
  3. Baker Tilly's One-Stop-Shop for Global Tax Compliance, which leverages our collaboration portal Huddle

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