HR Solutions - Manufacturing Case Study

10 January 2020

How our HR Solutions team helped guide a manufacturing business through the best way to handle an employee grievance

A manufacturer of coldrooms and refrigeration systems received a grievance from an employee. She had relative short-service but raising a grievance is a day-one right. In addition, she was alleging various acts of discrimination for which an employee doesn’t have to have a minimum length of service in order to bring a claim for discrimination in the Employment Tribunal.  Awards for discrimination are not subject to the £86,444 cap so potentially this could have been costly.

As the grievance named four people within the company, including the MD, they appointed us to hear it in the interests of impartiality. There were some seven pages to the grievance, lots of allegations and she subsequently sent us some further information to consider. We held a grievance meeting with her and conducted investigation meetings with the four people concerned.  

On the evidence, we were able to demonstrate that her grievances were unfounded and were therefore not upheld. She appealed and her appeal was also not upheld. She then had recourse to the Employment Tribunal; although her claim would have no merit, she would have the right to bring it which would have meant the employer attending the hearing, taking time out of the business. The Company therefore made a commercial decision to settle with her for a month’s pay which was considerably cheaper than the costs to the business of attending the Tribunal and meant that the matter was concluded.

Employers should be aware that employees are no longer required to pay a fee to bring a claim in the Employment Tribunal, therefore robust grievance handling is the best way to avoid this.

The benefits of oursourcing HR support for your manufacturing business

Outsourcing your HR needs to specialists allows you to access the knowledge and expertise of senior HR professionals at a fraction of the cost of employing a full-time resource in house. Trusting experts to deal with your business’s Employment Law matters will give you the peace of mind that everything is handled in line with the latest legislation and good practice.

Let us use our HR experts to provide innovative and flexible solutions for your practice when you need them.

Our efficient service and professional advice gives you peace of mind that your workforce is being managed effectively, leaving you to focus on running your organisation.

HR issues will inevitably come up in your day to day working. These might be issues with your employees’ attendance or behaviour, or you may wonder how complex employment legislation changes will impact your business.

We understand that dealing with these matters in house is not always an option.Whether you need advice and guidance as a start-up business, a review and update of your policies and procedures, or employment law advice in a specific misconduct case, HR Solutions guarantees a HR professional to work with you on an ad-hoc or continuous basis, either on-site or remotely.

We recognise that business owners and managers are not always confident as employers. Managers have often been promoted from within and, whilst knowledgeable in their area, are not people managers and may not fully understand what their legal obligations are.

Your business may operate on a shift-system and your employees may also regularly work overtime.

Your work may involve working with machinery or electrical systems, and you may also employ distribution drivers who use Company vehicles. All of these issues have employment law implications for you.

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