On the Road – Property Tax Seminar

10 October 2018

Senior Tax Manager, Mike Blackledge from the Peterborough Office has been on the road recently talking to landlords about how to be prepared for tax when letting property. He provided attendees with information on the recent changes to the various tax aspects relating to their portfolios.

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Metrobank Peterborough Landlord Event

A gathering of some 30 professionals, investors and landlords came together at Peterborough’s new Metrobank for an evening of informative presentations and discussion in relation to the issues arising from property rental. The event provided those attending an opportunity to acquire knowledge of the legal position, financing and of course on tax aspects.

Indeed, the tax aspects of the evening provided those in attendance the opportunity of being reminded of some of the historical changes that have recently come into effect for those with rental property, and to look ahead at the way future tax liabilities could be mitigated via the use of various business vehicles.

The presentations were followed by a Q&A session and among the topics discussed were issues surrounding the reduction to the finance costs allowed for individuals and partnerships, together with the route to incorporating the business and making use of the relevant tax reliefs to mitigate their individual positions. This session sparked a great deal of interest and has led to several meetings being arranged to discuss the way in which this can be achieved.  

The event was a great success for all those who attended; it provided the opportunity of not only networking with our fellow professionals, but also provided us with the opportunity of advising the local community of our services and expertise.

NLA Peterborough Landlords Event

We were very happy to be invited to provide a presentation to the members of the Peterborough area of the National Landlords Association at The Cresset at their autumn event. We were one of four speakers on the evening with an audience of some 50 local experienced landlords, all with many different challenges and changes to their business.

The presentation provided attendees with the opportunity to interact with each other, through questions and discussions arising from the topics, including stamp duty land tax; the restriction to the finance costs, the appropriate business vehicle for all through to planning for the future in relation to inheritance tax issues. The open discussion certainly provided the room with a great feeling and a buzz of involvement, which perhaps is something different from most tax presentations.

We are looking forward to the next event in Bedford on the 19 October!

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