PODCAST: Developing a super partnership

11 January 2018

Martin Ramsey has been involved in the development of Our Health Partnership (OHP), the Birmingham based super-practice. In this podcast Martin talks about the process of establishing super-partnerships including the opportunities, the risks and the challenges.


Who are MHA Macintyre Hudson and what do they do (43secs)

Martin’s involvement in OHP (1min 17secs)

Merger and super-practice; the dividing line (1min 45secs)

The models of merger (2mins 49secs)

Who is the OHP model best for? (3mins 53secs)

The opportunities and challenges of super-partnerships (4mins 48secs)

The impact on staffing (5mins 55secs)

Reducing accountancy costs (6mins 54secs)

The risks of joining a super-partnerships (7mins 54secs)

Joint and several liability (8mins 48secs)

Mitigating those risks (9mins 21secs)

Lessons learnt from establishing super-partnerships (10mins 46secs)

Making it work; GP-led and wider engagement (11mins 36secs)

Length of the process (12mins 56secs)

The business plan (13mins 46secs)

Establishing a management team (14mins 45secs)

Finding support through the process (15mins 35secs)

The issues around property (16mins 21secs)

Contacting Martin (17mins 57secs)

For further information please get in touch with Martin Ramsey or send us an online enquiry.