Xero - creating a buzz that demands a response

23 October 2015

It is quite an achievement but the kiwi company behind Xero have managed to make the sleepy world of accountancy look interesting. A common question from those struggling with the task of maintaining the accounts for small organisations used to be - what package should I use? Now we are much more likely to find that Xero has already been chosen and the need is for some support to implement the package.

The whole approach of Xero makes that choice an easy one to make and is an object lesson in how to innovate successfully: 

  • A product based on ease of use rather than numerous bells and whistles for the dedicated accountant,
  • High quality graphics and cool pictures that have nothing to do with accountancy and
  • A low cost subscription that undercuts competitors

There are more aspects of course including improvements in the model of support between organisations and their accountant. As an adviser I can look into the accounts of my clients, making sure that there is early warning of difficulties and being able to sort out problems directly when asked. As a firm of auditors and advisers we work with a variety of accounting packages from ERPs to the ubiquitous Sage and QuickBooks but Xero have managed to create some room for themselves in the market and cannot be ignored.

If your organisation is interested in reviewing your accounting system and would like to discuss options then please get in touch with Chris Harris.

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