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Welcome to our latest edition of Academy Advisor. To say it has been a challenging time for schools, is probably an understatement. Hot on the heels of having to fund a 7%+ increase in Teachers pension employers’ contributions, schools are now having to contend with Covid-19. On the whole, we have seen that schools have acted swiftly and are thinking creatively to manage the added logistical and financial stresses.

The events of recent weeks are unprecedented. Many businesses went into lockdown and either shut entirely or worked on a virtual basis only and most schools shut their doors to all but the children of essential workers or those who are vulnerable. Some have set up an almost total virtual school operation to support home learning, while others are using various online platforms to set and receive work. A number of academy trusts are also collaborating with other schools to improve the quality of home learning provision.

As we head towards the end of the summer term, plans for the autumn term are still far from clear but implementing protective measures and managing staff and pupil concerns are likely to be top of the agenda.

In this edition we cover: 

  • The Academy Accounts Direction
  • The Academies Financial Handbook
  • Internal Scrutiny
  • Covid-19 - Financial support for exceptional costs 
  • Data protection 
  • Dates for the diary
  • Links to our 2020 Academy Workshop series 

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Academy Advisor Summer 2020