COVID-19: Quick, Simple and Practical Tips To Sell Vehicles During The Disruption


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We have detailed in this help guide some simple and practical actions and tips to help dealers protect sales volumes during the disruption caused by the Coronavirus and the reduced footfall:


  • Communicate to your database now!
  • Use all media available to you. From twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok email to mail shot. Don’t assume that you can get to everyone by email.
  • Issue a clear, concise, confident statement reassuring your customers of your trading position and how you are considering their welfare, so that they can still visit your business: For example – Sanitising hard surfaces regularly in demonstrators, used cars and new cars (after every drive), staff wearing gloves, adhering to the 2 metre social distancing rule, etc.
  • For your customer statement take the lead from the best examples out there, particularly the retail sector, and of course, other Dealers
  • Consider both written and video statements
  • Consider this communication at both a Group and Site level (as appropriate)
  • Continue to communicate to your database on-going. Update them (weekly) on how you are doing

Lead management

  • Maintain sales team routines where you can. Consider a mixture of physical and virtual daily sales team mtg.
  • Daily review of all current deal and pipeline status. Identify fall-out risk customers and mitigating actions to maintain or close the deal. Pull forward where possible
  • Make clear to the customer the mitigating actions you can take, such as: taking demonstrators to customers, videoing used cars and sending to them, with extended guarantees on condition if not seen etc.

Prospecting and engagement

  • Copy the Supermarkets; Have set times each day that older and the more at risk customers can visit the dealership (particularly service).
  • In every customer communication remind the customer of ALL the services you are still operating
  • Finance renewals remain a primary focus. Communicate pre-stacked bespoke deals to customers asap.
  • Continue to task the team on customer communication, deal presentation, product presentation (virtual, such as CitNOW), follow up and of course conversion (people are at home more and potentially easier to contact directly)
  • Ensure sales team have remote access to lead management system
  • Actively communicate and use revised logistics to support the sales process; enhanced collection and delivery services for all customers and prospects
  • Actively continue with a sales approach to service prospecting (where service customers are still visiting you), pre-stacked deals, new product presentations etc.
  • Set up a weekly quiz/competition for customers (based around their dealership visit (including product, offers, services, people etc.). Get the sales team to set the questions and send to customers. Offer prizes etc.


  • People will have more time so consider extending existing offers into a digital version of a “Managers Sale” (or similar).
  • Target retail used car stock disposal using video walk arounds and online communication with time-bound offers
  • Optimise cost savings from the supply chain. For example: Autotrader deferring March and April advertising costs, CarNext paying online auction fees through BCA etc.


  • Ensure consistent, daily communication with all individuals within the sales team. On or off-line.
  • Capture and pass on best practice from the team. They’ll come up with the best ideas.
  • Review and clearly communicate any re-structure to sales team remuneration
  • Use time at home to support online training and knowledge building (including compliance requirements)
  • Encourage wider industry knowledge building. Recommend industry related topics/subject areas for each team member to study and report out back to the team on. For example: EV’s and the EV landscape, customer handing and sales process’s etc.
  • Have an online weekly “Meet the team” online profile sharing across the Group or Dealership, make it fun (e.g. pictures of the team as kids)

Download a copy of the guide below or contact a member of our specialist team.

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COVID-19 Quick, Simple and Practical Tips To Sell Vehicles During The Disruption


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