Procuring Packaged Accounting and ERP Software

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Our approach to procuring packaged Accounting and ERP software. 

Changing your Accounting or ERP system is not something you do regularly. However, the entire process can be made much easier with input from people with a proven track record, together with a detailed knowledge and experience of the steps that need to be taken.

Our consultants have been helping clients review their Accounting and ERP systems needs for more than 35 years. Our practical approach is well proven and enables our clients to specify, select and implement software solutions, minimising the chance of project failure.

We are here to make sure that when you need the experience and back up of sound professional advice, we can help and guide you. If resources are available, several procurement steps can be undertaken by your own staff. However, experience of specifying and selecting software is vital to ensure the project delivers what was expected and/or promised.

At MHA MacIntyre Hudson, we are well placed to provide guidance and mentoring throughout the journey where required.

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