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If, as Richard Skellett believes, society is “giving birth” to a new wave of business models when it comes to the outsourcing of public services outsourcing, then his role could be described as akin to the midwife.

Skellett, who founded IT outsourcing company Allied Worldwide in 1992, haslong been uncomfortable both about public services being outsourced purely for profit and the uses of technology to replace people in the workplace.

His response was to launch Digital Anthropology, a campaign for the social enterprise model to deliver outsourced public services. Because he believes the social enterprise model can challenge conventional global technology outsourcers like Capita.

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This interview is part of the special SouthTech commentary produced for MHA MacIntyre Hudson, which is focusing on profiling leading technology firms in the south of England. Visit our SouthTech page to read interviews from other tech companies and to order your copy of the sector barometer report.

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