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Ask Andrew Yates what his business does, and instead of an elevator pitch he’ll tell you how his thirteen-year-old daughter described it. “Maddy said it’s about ‘software that makes salespeople look awesome’,” says the Chief Executive of Artesian Solutions.

“Of course most salespeople think they’re awesome anyway, but we make them even more ‘awesomer’,” he smiles. Somewhat less concisely expressed, Artesian is regarded as the world’s most powerful sales intelligence app. It enables companies to better communicate their B2B sales message by targeting, connecting and sharing relevant, timely and contextual information with customers and prospects. They can more quickly and efficiently build prospect lists and find information about the companies they want to target, their financial records and of course their people – their sentiments, opinions, and motivations - all in one consolidated view.

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This interview is part of the special SouthTech commentary produced for MHA MacIntyre Hudson, which is focusing on profiling leading technology firms in the south of England. Visit our SouthTech page to read interviews from other tech companies and to order your copy of the sector barometer report.

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