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When you realise you have created a “secret sauce” which promises to resolve a growing problem and so could well have mass market potential, life’s bound to get a bit exciting. 

Darron Antill certainly believes that’s what he has, in the form of a patented, automated plug-and- play platform that addresses the growing security challenges of identity and access management for devices.

Because the chief executive of Device Authority points to predictions that by 2020, a quarter of all identified security breaches will involve the Internet of Things; breaches that could affect large-scale, security-sensitive industrial, healthcare and transportation environments.

“We are not talking about the consumer end of the IoT, such as being able to manage your central heating or put the kettle on remotely,” he points out. “This is about smart city initiatives, self-driving cars and medical robots that carry out operations. So having the right level of security couldn’t be more important.

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This interview is part of the special SouthTech commentary produced for MHA MacIntyre Hudson, which is focusing on profiling leading technology firms in the south of England. Visit our SouthTech page to read interviews from other tech companies and to order your copy of the sector barometer report.

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