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Artificial intelligence and ethics. Not a combination that people often think about. As Martin Neale says: “At the moment ethics is of only passing interest. What makes people anxious about AI is more likely to be viruses, security, and worries about their jobs.”

But according to the managing director of ICS.AI, this ethical perspective to AI will more and more take centre stage, largely thanks to government’s insistence on its technology providers meeting it as one of four principles - the others are inclusion, accessibility and privacy.

With a mission of providing AI solutions to government, specifically chat bots for councils, universities and police forces, ICS set out to create a “metastore” of ready-made ethical standards.

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This interview is part of the special SouthTech commentary produced for MHA MacIntyre Hudson, which is focusing on profiling leading technology firms in the south of England. Visit our SouthTech page to read interviews from other tech companies and to order your copy of the sector barometer report.

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