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Can there be a technology company which doesn’t claim to be customer-focused? Of course the road to you-know- where is paved with such good intentions, but Andy Cordial believes that growth can compromise how the customer is looked after.

And the managing director of a value added distributor for storage and security solutions Origin Storage says it’s about putting down markers from the outset - and keeping them there.

Here’s an example. His company has always provided what it calls “advance replacement” of faulty storage server products. 

In other words, unlike competitors, it will replace product there and then rather than sending it away for repair or waiting to get parts in before fixing it. “Customers judge a company based on what they do when things go wrong, so that’s a real attraction as there is no downtime for them,” says Cordial. “Say there’s a problem with the drive and it’s mission-critical, we will swap it the same day so there is no dropout of service.”

That policy comes at a cost to Origin as it means holding more stock, but Cordial aimed from the outset to adopt a big company mentality in terms of processes and structure and back office procedures, in order to provide the sort of service that big manufacturers like Dell would want. Another manifestation of that approach is the deployment of EDI (electronic data interchange) technology, which means Origin have direct links from their warehouse to their resellers.

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