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There’s one very good reason why Graham Curren started his own business. He’d been running the European arm of a US software engineering company, but didn’t like important decisions being made above his head. “And to get career advancement I needed to move to the US which I didn’t want to do,” he explains, “so I decided to do it myself. I thought there was an opportunity to specialise in developing chips using the software I’d been selling, particularly for start-ups.”

It was a risk, but he points out: “Richard Branson once said that if you understand and can cope with what will happen if an ambition goes wrong, you should take the risk and do it. I thought that if it didn’t work out I could just get another job.”

So eighteen years ago, Curren started up Sondrel with the “fantastic idea” of building a £100million turnover company in three years. Achievable maybe on paper but not in practice as the market he targeted wasn’t sufficiently forthcoming.

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This interview is part of the special SouthTech commentary produced for MHA MacIntyre Hudson, which is focusing on profiling leading technology firms in the south of England. Visit our SouthTech page to read interviews from other tech companies and to order your copy of the sector barometer report.

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