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We know that a strong understanding of finance is an important part of the financial health of any business. It’s the same whether you are a business start-up using simple accounts, or on the Board of a public company using IFRS accounts. Understanding how finances work and how to interpret financial information puts owners and managers in a better position to improve performance. 

We have a long history of providing courses and other training to help non-financial people at all business levels to understand and interpret financial information. We work closely with our specialist legal financial training business, MacIntyre Hudson Advisory Services LLP.

We talk the talk, and can help you to get a practical understanding of the language used in company accounts. We can give you an understanding of how the numbers are derived in the financial statements and accounts, and then teach you to interpret financial statements and identify key information about a business, company or group of companies.

How we can help with accounting training

There’s a vast array of financial information you are likely to encounter in your job. Taking a bespoke approach designed for the ultimate end user, we can help you to understand aspects such a:

The types of financial accounts, what are they for and how they link up

  • Annual financial statements, management accounts, group accounts
  • Budgets, cash flows, financial ratios, business plans and forecasts

Accounting standards, principles, policies and estimates

Key components of a set of financial statements including:

  • What’s included and why
  • Overviews of the profit and loss account (or income statement), balance sheet (statement of financial position) and statement of cash flow
  • How to analyse each of these statements, and find what they are telling us about an entity
  • What profit is, and how it is different to cash
  • How to approach reading a set of financial statements
  • How we use accounts and budgets to assist business planning

How financial ratios can confirm the “story” in the accounts’ narrative reports

  • Assessing the entity’s performance and profitability
  • What do they tell us about liquidity and cash flow efficiency?

Through understanding and managing the money that a business receives from its customers and spends on resources, owners and managers can help a business maintain its liquidity and become more profitable. They can also help ensure compliance with the criteria for, say, banking covenants or understanding the financial terms in a buy-out document.

Our training will help you along this road by equipping you with the tools to understand the accounts on which all of this is based.

Get in touch to discuss tailoring a training package for your needs.

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Meet the team

Photo of Donna Dallas

Donna Dallas

Senior Manager

Donna started work as a trainee accountant in 2006, having completed a degree in accounting and finance at the University of Kent. After qualifying in 2011, and following the merger of the partnership she previously worked for, Donna has progressed from Supervisor through to Senior Manager. 

She has her own portfolio of clients specialising in small to medium sized owner managed businesses in a range of different industries. She has built up a good rapport with her clients and prides herself on maintaining long standing relationships, having worked with a number of clients for over ten years.

Donna is methodical in her approach and likes to help clients to achieve their goals. She provides ongoing financial advice to her clients aiding them to interpret financial information that can influence their strategic development, in addition to general compliance and preparation of quarterly / annual financial statements.

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Photo of Bob Trunchion

Bob Trunchion

Tax Partner

Whilst Bob qualified in the audit department of a big four firm, he soon moved to their Corporation Tax Department. His move to MacIntyre Hudson has rounded off his knowledge so that he is well versed in all aspects of tax. As well as advising clients on a consultancy basis, Bob is involved in the tax training not only with MHA MacIntyre Hudson and MHA but to clients and also to many accountants and solicitors throughout the country. Whilst he is involved in training, he has appeared on national radio and television talking about tax. Bob believes that simple solutions are often the best ones with taxation.

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Photo of Ventsi Tsankova

Ventsi Tsankova

Accounts Manager

Ventsi joined the firm as an Accounts Manager in 2019.

She has over 8 years’ experience within the accounting industry, predominately working with SMEs.

She prides herself on maintaining long standing relationships with clients and actively seeks opportunities for improving the management reporting function and optimising internal control procedures

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What they say about us

MHA MacIntyre Hudson has truly been a value additive auditor, which is quite rare and something to look up to. The level of knowledge of all team members and the engagement partner is quite extensive and we have thoroughly enjoyed the partnership with them. Way to go MHA MacIntyre Hudson!! - Dishman group

What they say about us

The continuity with their core specialist sector team and ability to give advice across several areas of support has been key to us working together. - Feefo Holdings Ltd