Forensic Accounting

Whether it’s as a preventative measure or because the worst-case scenario has played out, our forensic accounting team can get to the bottom of it – and make sure it doesn’t happen again.

We have an enviable mix of forensic accountants, retired police detectives, and forensic scientists who specialise in investigating key areas of corporate fraud and financial investigations – issues such as internal audits, IT audits, tax fraud, VAT fraud, and insolvency.

How our fraud and forensic accounting services can help you

  • Fraud investigations: We find evidence to show what (and how it) happened, advise on what corrective action you can take, and help you reduce the chances of it happening again.
  • Asset recovery: We assess the net worth of individuals and organisations; this can help the legal process of freezing perpetrators’ assets to maximise recovery of money lost in fraud cases.
  • Loss of Profit claims: Our forensic accountants can produce Loss of Profit claims for businesses who have suffered interruptions – be it from fire, flood or other problems.
  • Systems assessments: Our forensic accountants, often in tandem with fraud investigators, review and report on system weaknesses. We can also help you to prepare all necessary fraud, bribery and anti-money laundering policies.
  • Defence against employee loss of earnings claims: We can combine the investigation of employees’ claims with work to reduce the compensation being claimed for loss of earnings or damages. We’ll provide the surveillance teams and equipment.
  • Training: We can train your staff on all aspects of fraud awareness and anti-money laundering. We provide a comprehensive training package on many enforcement subjects, including court room skills and investigative interviewing.
  • Project management: We have great experience project-managing fraud enquiries, combining the skills of in-house and external HR, legal and accounting teams. 

We have depth of knowledge and experience in counter-fraud

Our services are:

  • Comprehensive, providing a one-stop shop for everything you need to handle your fraud problem
  • Integrated, ensuring maximum impact from everything that we do
  • Professional, using only the highest-quality staff with a real track record
  • Focussed on reducing the economic and financial impact of fraud
  • Designed to enhance the reputation and credibility of your organisation

Our counter-fraud division allows organisations not only to respond to problems, but also to take a preventative approach. We work with you to develop an anti-fraud culture in your business, creating strong deterrent cultures and preventative systems, and implementing effective detection processes.

We still do the reactive service, too, and it includes everything that might be needed concerning the conducting of fraud investigations, recovery of losses, and provision of advice concerning legal, disciplinary or regulatory sanctions.

Get in touch, and chat with our experts about your recovery needs.

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Meet the team

Photo of Cameron Cook

Cameron Cook


Cameron is a highly experienced Audit Partner who specialises in Corporate Finance at MHA MacIntyre Hudson.  He is also a Director of MacIntyre Hudson Corporate Finance Limited.

Cameron focuses on the Transaction Services and interfaces with his colleagues who specialise in Mergers and Acquisitions. He qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1979 and has been a Partner with MacIntyre Hudson for more than 20 years; following 14 years experience with PWC and KPMG mainly on due diligence and investigations.  He is referred to on all matters concerning Corporate Finance by partners of MacIntyre Hudson LLP, Bankers, Solicitors and other firms for whom he advises.

He has broad experience of advising on business strategy and planning.  He regularly is involved in business sales, acquisitions, restructuring, re-financings, developments, fundraisings and investigating targets with a view to advising on price and negotiations.  He has a breadth of knowledge of fund raisings encompassing full prospectus, private placings, investment advertisements, through to bank and other sources of finance.

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What they say about us

MHA MacIntyre Hudson has truly been a value additive auditor, which is quite rare and something to look up to. The level of knowledge of all team members and the engagement partner is quite extensive and we have thoroughly enjoyed the partnership with them. Way to go MHA MacIntyre Hudson!! - Dishman group

What they say about us

The relationship with MHA MacIntyre Hudson has always been a solid one. The team are able to respond quickly to problems and achieving timescales. Their international network, Baker Tilly International, gives them breadth and the ability to cover overseas issues. - PRISYM ID