When dealing with globally mobile employees, there are numerous questions to be answered from a compliance and risk management perspective

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When dealing with globally mobile employees, there are numerous questions to be answered from a compliance and risk management perspective

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Global Mobility

In today’s global business environment, employers find themselves managing an increasingly international workforce. But cross-border employments create compliance challenges for both the employer and the employee; there are tax, social security and payroll implications to address in multiple locations. Our global mobility team will help you navigate the complexity and focus on the underlying goal of international expansion. 

We can help you work through:

  • International assignments or secondments
  • UK employees relocating abroad
  • Foreign nationals coming to work in the UK
  • Business visitors
  • Cross-border commuters who live and work in more than one country
  • Non-resident directors
  • Foreign-based employees of UK companies, including remote workers


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Assignment planning

We optimise the structure of your international employments and highlight the implications of your preferred approach, helping you plan in advance to meet your obligations. The best solution will take into account factors as diverse as tax, social security, administration, timing, duration, employment law, immigration and pensions.

Tax compliance

Internationally-mobile employees may have to file tax returns in more than one country. We ease the burden, ensure tax returns are correct, and manage the interaction between home and host country tax regimes. In these situations, there are also compliance considerations for the employer, including: payroll operation; reporting benefits and share plans; social security costs; local employment rights; the risk of creating a permanent establishment (a taxable presence of your company in a foreign country); and the transfer of employment costs between group companies (transfer pricing). Your global mobility adviser will take these issues into consideration to deliver fully joined-up advice.

Expat payroll

Payroll administration for international assignments can be challenging; differing salary packages, unfamiliar rules, disparate reporting periods and fluctuating exchange rates all take their toll. Our global mobility advisers work closely with our experienced payroll team (or yours, if you prefer) to ensure everything runs smoothly.

International social security

The social security liability for an international employment often falls in a different country to the tax liability, and the answer can vary due to a subtle change in circumstances. It’s a complex situation, and expert guidance will help you get through it.

Global mobility policy

International employment agreements should be documented to provide clarity and certainty to all parties regarding their rights and obligations. Our experienced global mobility professionals will give you pragmatic guidance.

Tax equalisation

Many employers offer to protect their employees from any additional tax burden associated with a foreign assignment. So-called ‘tax equalisation’ or ‘tax protection’ arrangements need careful implementation and management to ensure they run seamlessly throughout the assignment. 


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