Procuring Packaged Accounting and ERP Software

Our approach to procuring packaged accounting and ERP software

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Procuring Packaged Accounting and ERP Software

Our approach to procuring packaged accounting and ERP software

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Technology Advisory Services

MHA MacIntyre Hudson recognises that a non-technical Board member can face several challenges when they are accountable for maintaining a robust and proficient IT environment. Typical issues include:

  • Disparate and ever-changing systems that impede overall efficiency
  • Lack of technical knowledge that results in reoccurring issues
  • Inadequate or inaccurate documentation and process
  • Lack of a clear IT strategy and delivery roadmap
  • Poor project management resulting in delayed or failed projects
  • Poor disaster recovery and business continuity planning with key person dependencies
  • Both minor and major security concerns that threaten day-to-day operations

In a typical mid-market organisation, The Finance Director (or another senior board member), is frequently found to be responsible for the IT systems. This role is often met with reluctance because they are responsible for ensuring that the company’s IT systems are reliable, resilient, scalable and secure, and whilst they are required to keep a careful eye on cost, this is not their core competency. We call these individuals “The Quasi IT Director” ®.

“The Quasi IT Director” ® is frequently found to be dependent on mid-level IT staff, or a local IT support company, for strategic advice and guidance. Typically, mid-level IT staff do not have the breadth and depth of experience required to provide this, and local IT support companies will often have a commercial agenda, which may not be in your best interest.

MHA MacIntyre Hudson’s Technology Advisory Services (TAS) can deliver an expert, tailored, accountable and comprehensive service that is designed to afford organisations the time and space to concentrate resources on their core business, thereby maximising profitability.

We are entirely independent (Vendor Agnostic) and recognise that increased computer power and newer equipment and software cannot solve every issue and, as such, we do not sell hardware or software. Every organisation is unique, and we treat them accordingly. By providing a wide and holistic view, our advice is tailored to your organisation and its specific requirements.

IT Reviews

As an organisation matures, IT systems can become unmanageable and complex. We frequently identify systems or applications that were added when the business strategy was different (or absent), after acquisitions or in response to growth within a division.

By conducting comprehensive and thorough IT reviews, we can provide your organisation with a complete view of your IT systems; we identify areas that require attention or improvement and provide advice on how best to implement strategic actions to rectify the issues. We begin by addressing the principal areas; People, Process and Technology, and where required, further attention will be given to any areas of concern.

Application Procurement Support

Having the right back-office applications (Finance, ERP, CRM, etc.) is critical to the success of your organisation. Mistakes may not be discovered for some time but can be extremely expensive. When an organisation endeavours to upgrade or procure a new application, they will find a long list of vendors claiming that they can offer an unparalleled solution. However, to identify the vendor that best suits your organisations requirements, you must first be certain that you are asking the right questions.

Developing a detailed list of requirements is sometimes challenging, but none the less crucial to the success of the implementation. At MHA MacIntyre Hudson we can help you capture and understand these requirements, assist in running the procurement process, evaluate a short list of vendors and review proposed agreements. This ensures that your requirements remain focused and are not subsumed by the interests of the vendors.

Strategic Advice and Outsourced IT Director Service

When embarking on a business strategy review, organisations should assess how any changes might affect their IT systems. Business strategies should consider how augmented IT systems can support the organisation in meeting its goals.

In the mid-market, most organisations do not have an experienced IT Director to advise them, and as such, are reliant on mid-level IT staff who sometimes lack the breadth and depth of experience associated with senior IT positions. Third-party IT suppliers will have a commercial agenda, and because of this, their strategic advice cannot be considered unbiased. Because we do not sell technology solutions, we can provide completely independent advice and guidance that affords organisations top-level strategic input on the resources, processes and technologies needed to satisfy developing business needs in future years. With our outsourced “IT Director Service”, we can deliver this at regular intervals or as ad hoc assignments tailored to your requirements.

Project Management and Recovery

To deliver a successful major IT project, for example, the implementation of a new ERP or finance system, requires first-class professional management. Our expert project management professionals have extensive experience in delivering projects (both large and small) across many sectors. They ensure that appropriate levels of governance and cost controls have been established and maintained. If your project has failed, or you have concerns that it will not deliver the expected benefits, then we can help resolve them and advise on where improvements might be made to bring the project back on track.

IT Due Diligence

When merging or acquiring (M&A) a business, it is crucial that you not only understand the financial position of the target organisation, but also gain the assurance that the IT is reliable, resilient, scalable and secure. We have developed a proven IT due diligence approach that can be delivered across a range of business sectors. This often identifies issues that can negatively impact the sale price, allowing the issues to be discussed and rectified promptly, and to help speed up the transaction.

If you are considering the sale of your organisation, then we can conduct vendor due diligence on your own IT environment. This will then provide you with an opportunity to rectify any issues before they are identified by the buyer, which could potentially delay the transaction.

GDPR Advisory Services

Regardless of the size or sector of your organisation, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), will have had some impact. For many, implementing the necessary measures to facilitate compliance has been an arduous and time-consuming task, and any organisation that gets it wrong could be at risk of some very heavy fines from the ICO.

You may consider your organisation to be compliant, but without professional support it is possible that you could be exposing your intellectual property (IP) and/or client data to external threats. We have assisted many organisations across a range of industries in preparing for GDPR compliance. We will take the time to understand your concerns and help you identify any areas that require additional support. Our robust and proven process is tailored to your specific requirements and ensures that we provide a focused bespoke solution, instead of an assortment of templates that do not quite fit the way your organisation works.

IT Manager Coaching

It is not unusual for IT staff in mid-market organisations to have joined in another capacity, and over time, transitioned into an IT role. For many organisations, this strategy works well, however, it can result in IT staff being self-taught and limited to the knowledge they have picked up along the way. As such, they may not be aware of new, alternative solutions or best practice.

We provide IT Manager Coaching to enhance their experience and expertise, to help them develop a greater understanding of how best to lead an IT support function.

When an IT Manager is underperforming, we can assist organisations by providing support and guidance that will boost performance. In cases where this is not possible, we can assist your HR team by running a performance improvement programme (PIP).

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Accounting and ERP Software

Our approach to procuring packaged Accounting and ERP software