Technology Advisory Services


Technology Advisory Services

Technology Advisory Services

MHA MacIntyre Hudson recognises that in a typical mid-market organisation, the Finance Director (or other senior board member), is frequently found to be responsible for the IT systems. We call these individuals “The Quasi IT Director” ®.

MHA MacIntyre Hudson’s Technology Advisory Services (TAS) are entirely independent (Vendor Agnostic) and provide a range of services tailored to your organisation and its specific requirements. These include:

IT Reviews

Providing your organisation with a complete view of your IT systems; we identify areas that require attention or improvement and provide advice on how best to implement strategic actions to rectify the issues.

Application Procurement Assistance

Updating or replacing a key business application such as a finance, ERP or CRM system is often a daunting task. Mistakes can be costly so investing in professional advice up front will minimise the risk of project failure. Our proven approach starts by developing a detailed list of requirements and identifying vendors that can meet them.

Strategic Advice and Outsourced IT Director Service

Helping organisations understand how IT can assist with the delivery of its business strategy and support the organisation in meeting its goals. We are vendor agnostic and can deliver this service as a one-off assignment or at regular intervals, tailored to your requirements.

Project Management and Recovery

We can provide experienced and qualified project management professionals to deliver your major IT projects. If your project is failing, failed, or you have concerns that it will not deliver the expected benefits, then we can help resolve them and advise on where improvements might be made to bring the project back on track.

IT Due Diligence

When merging or acquiring (M&A) a business, it is crucial that you gain the assurance that the IT is reliable, resilient, scalable and secure. Our proven risk-based approach can be delivered across all business sectors. If selling your organisation, then vendor due diligence on your own IT environment will provide you with an opportunity to rectify any issues before they are identified by the buyer.

GDPR Advisory Services

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) impacts all organisations but implementing the necessary measures to facilitate compliance is an arduous and time-consuming task. Our bespoke approach has helped many organisations across a range of industries in preparing for GDPR compliance.

IT Manager Mentoring and Support

It is not uncommon for an IT Manager to have joined your organisation in another role when the IT requirements were modest. This often works well but as your organisation grows your self-taught IT Manager may be restricted to the knowledge they have picked up along the way. By providing IT Manager Mentoring and Support we can help your good IT Manager become a great IT Manager and enhance their experience and expertise.

When an IT Manager is underperforming, we can assist by providing support and guidance that will boost performance. In cases where this is not possible, we can assist your HR team by running a performance improvement programme (PIP).

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For further information regarding how we can help manage your IT systems and solutions, please contact Gavin Davis or send us an online enquiry.


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