Spotlight On: IR35 Advice and Key Tips

What is IR35?

The October 2018 budget introduced an extension to the Intermediaries legislation, which is usually referred to as IR35, and will come into force from April 2020 for medium and large businesses in the private sector.

HMRC are increasingly concerned about ensuring workers are on the payroll, and that PAYE is operated properly, and the proposed changes in legislation show their commitment to improving these practices.

This will be a major policy change for many private organisations across all industry sectors, with many businesses needing key advice to implement it effectively & correctly.

Experience suggests that private sector businesses will require all of the time afforded to them to prepare for the change. Failure to prepare and be ready for April 2021 could result in significant:

  • Labour supply issues
  • Business continuity issues
  • Liabilities to tax, National Insurance also interest and penalties

To help businesses to comply with this new regulation our team of business advisory experts have put together a series of key guides and informative videos for businesses to prepare.

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IR35 advice for businesses

On this page you will find a series of Insights articles to help provide the right advice for your business and over the upcoming weeks, we will be publishing a series of short IR35 Top Tips videos, which will detail the essential steps for you to take to be IR35 compliant.

IR35 in the Construction Sector

IR35 Top Tips Part 8 – practical steps to prepare for the IR35 April 2020 deadline

IR35 Top Tips Part 7 – What do I do if I have staff that are caught by IR35?

IR35 Top Tips Part 6 - What if I don’t agree with the HMRC CEST tool or can’t get a decision?

IR35 Top Tips Part 5 - What does the decision mean?

IR35 Top Tips Part 4 - What are the right questions to ask?

IR35 Top Tips Part 3 - What is the first thing businesses need to do?

IR35 Top Tips Part 2 - Which workers are caught?

IR35 Top Tips Part 1 - Which businesses need to operate IR35?

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