Our Global Sustainability Statement

MHA - Delivering a Sustainable Tomorrow, Today.

At MHA we believe the world in which we live and work can be sustainable if we want it to be. It’s the reason we created our services to business - Dynamic ESG.

Our extensive work in developing our Dynamic ESG programme has proven that sustainability does not need to be won at the cost of profitability. Quite the opposite: more efficient and more effective organisations and supply chains have the ability to create more prosperous organisations. We call it Purpose with Profit.

Dynamic ESG was born out of the principles that have driven our firm over the decades - Now, for Tomorrow. We provide Dynamic ESG services to our clients and we live by the same Dynamic ESG principles; not just in the UK but, through our Baker Tilly International alliance, globally.

We endorse and deliver assurance services to ISAE 3000 and operate a central Dynamic ESG team of financial and sustainability experts.

MHA is proud to be leading the way in developing pragmatic, commercial sustainability programmes that will secure a more sustainable future for the generations to come.

Every part of our organisation, and the global Baker Tilly network, must:

  • Exceed the expectations of all applicable laws, standards and regulations
  • Embed sustainability into every aspect of the firm’s commercial existence - from business decision-making to procurement
  • Provide holistic support in enabling our clients to achieve their sustainability and ESG goals in a way that benefits all stakeholders, clients, shareholders, staff and suppliers as well as the Planet
  • Ensure that managers and staff throughout the organisation have access to the tools and skills necessary to achieve a robust Dynamic ESG vision
  • Place, and continue to place, Dynamic ESG at the very heart of our organisation, encouraging comprehensive staff, client and stakeholder access

Specific areas of sustainable focus within MHA include…

  • Power, utilities and sustainable energy
  • Operation of local carbon desktops
  • Preference for low carbon impact energy sources
  • Emphasis on purchase of energy efficient and environmentally benign equipment and consumables
  • Appointment of local sustainable energy advocates in each office to drive embedded habits

Vehicle emissions and business travel

  • Encourage use of environmentally benign modes of transport, such as cycling and walking, wherever possible
  • Provide support and guidance for purchase and/or rental of low environmental impact vehicles
  • Encourage the use of video conferencing in preference to travel where possible
  • Design meetings that use resources in an efficient and sustainable way
  • Support flexible working arrangements where these are beneficial to all stakeholders
  • Identify and use low emission travel services

Estate-wide energy efficiency

  • Work with landlords and owners to ensure that all offices and buildings comply with high levels of insulation standards
  • Monitor energy usage through carbon desktop and put in place beneficial energy-optimisation measures
  • Regularly review emissions and insulation standards and materials to ensure we are a leading firm in the field of energy efficient working

IT and technical services

  • Preference for low and no impact technical solutions, hardware and consumables
  • Policies to reduce wastage
  • Facilities for recycling and re-use
  • Regular technical reviews to eliminate legacy inefficiencies

Office operations

  • Implementation of operational improvements
  • Strong emphasis on recycle, re-use
  • Waste management partnerships
  • Sustainable procurement guidance and protocols
  • Dedicated office sustainability champions
  • Communication of all MHA ESG and sustainability initiatives and commitments to all staff

Purchasing, procurement and supply chain

  • Robust purchasing and procurement policies with ESG at their core
  • Support suppliers in monitoring, measuring and auditing their management process in line with our protocols
  • Supplier ESG compliance standards
  • Disposal and waste protocols
  • Anti-slavery and exploitation protocols
  • Elimination of non-sustainable inputs
  • Compliance with UK and global sustainable procurement standards
  • Robust supply-chain management systems, processes and protocols with accountability metrics

Waste management

  • Emphasis on reduction, recycling and re-use
  • Waste management partnerships and guidance
  • Continuous-improvement programme to ensure we leverage the most up-to-date technologies and thinking

Staff support

  • Investment in staff-driven sustainability initiatives
  • Provision of sustainable resources, tools and training
  • Sustainability embedded in PDPs
  • Workshops and support in Dynamic ESG and sustainability principles - within MHA and for our clients

Continuous improvement

  • Commitment to continuous improvement in all ESG and sustainability foci identified, against quantifiable ESG and sustainability targets
  • Embedding of robust metrics and measurements
  • Improvement reporting structure
  • Regularly revisit our ESG and sustainability statement and programme to ensure they continue to reflect our evolving commitments and goals

Innovation and new thinking

  • We are committed to keeping at the forefront of new sustainability and compliance technologies and thinking
  • We support specific staff-driven sustainability initiatives and encourage our suppliers to drive sustainable change in their own organisation
  • We are also committed to thought leadership in the area of Dynamic ESG and sustainability

MHA: Delivering a Sustainable Tomorrow, Today

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Meet the team

Photo of Rebecca Laughton (previously Bishop)

Rebecca Laughton (previously Bishop)

VAT Assistant Manager

Rebecca is ACCA qualified and joined the firm in 2019, specialising in the Tour Operators’ Margin Scheme for VAT. She previously worked for eight years at a regional firm of accountants where she worked closely with a portfolio of clients in various industries assisting with all aspects of running and managing their accounts functions, software requirements and providing bespoke management reports.

Rebecca is now using her accountancy and software experience to advise clients on how TOMS impacts their accounting, their margins and their businesses.

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Photo of Paul Woodbridge

Paul Woodbridge

Audit Manager

Paul is an Audit and Accounts Manager at the Reading office and joined in 2013 following a merger with a small boutique firm. His specialists include External Audit, Statutory Reporting and Ongoing Compliance.

Paul looks after a wide-ranging portfolio of limited companies from small owner managed businesses to large corporates with turnover of £100m+, including several UK subsidiaries of international groups. His clients come from a variety of different industries, with particular focus on recruitment, technology and toys and games sectors.

He is very familiar with ongoing company compliance procedures and specialises in IFRS, with particular focus on assistance with IFRS 16 “Leases”. He also has experience in US GAAP and Academies.

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Photo of Jose Antonio De Mayne Hopkins

Jose Antonio De Mayne Hopkins

Technical Director ESG

Jose is an ESG risk assessment expert with more than 11 years of big 4 experience auditing global large listed groups and complex entities within the Agricultural, Renewable, Technology and Mining sectors. In the last 2 years Jose has been applying his in-depth technical understanding of environmental (including climate risk), social, governance, accounting, assurance and financial reporting standards to support, validate and challenge organisations translate and disclose material ESG related risks and opportunities.

Jose’s is passionate about a transparent and fair presentation of climate change reporting, consideration of material ESG risks and net zero transition plans.

Jose strong technical knowledge and understanding of the Task Force of Climate Related Disclosures (“TCFD”) strategic framework helps Jose provide support to a wider range of business in developing a resilient ESG strategy, setting up responsibilities for the Board and Management, integration of material risks in the risk management framework and support the alignment and evaluation of material ESG risks in the IFRS financial statements.

In April 2022, Jose was appointed to MHA MacIntyre Hudson as ESG Technical Director responsible of supporting the development of the firms internal and external ESG strategy and to continue to challenge ESG related disclosures and to advise and support a wider range of business and industries in implementing a dynamic ESG strategy.

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Photo of Rachel Nutt

Rachel Nutt

National Head of Tax and Renewable & Sustainable Energy Sector Head, Partner

Rachel is a Chartered Tax Adviser, a specialist in providing tax planning advice to entrepreneurs' businesses. Rachel is a firm believer that to provide advice that is effective she has to really understand her client's business, personal goals and aspirations.

As well as heading up the firms Renewable and Sustainable Energy Sector, Rachel has extensive experience in Motor, Agriculture and Manufacturing & Engineering sectors.  Much of Rachel's time is spent on transactional work both in the UK and internationally.

She re-joined MacIntyre Hudson's tax department in September 2005 after a period working with a finance house in London, providing sophisticated tax planning products to high net worth individuals and large owner managed businesses. 

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What they say about us

The whole team are exceedingly knowledgeable and the main benefit of working with MHA MacIntyre Hudson is the reassurance I feel that our business is in safe hands. Hayley Wilson - Fenmarc
Finance Director

What they say about us

MHA MacIntyre Hudson has truly been a value additive auditor, which is quite rare and something to look up to. The level of knowledge of all team members and the engagement partner is quite extensive and we have thoroughly enjoyed the partnership with them. Way to go MHA MacIntyre Hudson!! - Dishman group