The Assessment Centre

The assessment centre may not be in the office or region that you are applying to. Usually they are held in our London or Milton Keynes offices or can be held virtually.

The day will consist of several exercises as well as some informal sessions, and will be facilitated by members of the HR team. You will also have the opportunity to meet current trainees and partners of the firm who will be able to give you a real-life insight into what it’s like to work and train at MHA MacIntyre Hudson.

We will give you lots of information about the firm and our training programmes, but don’t forget this is a two-way process. Ask as many questions as you need to of anyone you meet on the day.
Participation is vital; if you don’t participate in the activities then we are not able to score you, so you should ensure that you take an active part in any discussions. And remember to be yourself – your personality is what is most important to us at this stage.

What to expect on the day 

Group exercise 

One of the key skills we assess is being able to work as part of a team, so it’s essential that you listen to the instructions at the beginning of the exercise and participate fully in the activity. We will be looking at your ability to grasp the facts and help the group to come to a clear conclusion.


You will need to prepare a short individual presentation. Details of this will be provided before the day.

Maths test 

This is a timed maths test; we will verify the results of an online test in a pressured environment.